When you think of iberian pork sausage ​​you think of Spain, one of the most traditional and prestigious products of our gastronomy.

Our pork sausage ​​seeks the highest quality standards, which is why it is made with a selection of the best fresh meats from Iberian hogs raised in the wild.

Stuffed in natural casing, its characteristic reddish color when cut comes from the traditional paprika of vera, which together with other spices are part of its ingredients, forming a totally natural product.

Gluten free.


Whole cuts or halves.
Vacuum packed or fresh.
Sliced in 100gr packages.*If needed consult other options.
Minimun curation process; traditional according to weather.
Weight: 0,85 and 1,5 kg
Whole cut boxes of 6,12 and/or 16kg